Vixen Chat: Tanaya Henry Opens Up About Lace by Tanaya, Clears Trey Songz Dating Rumors

Tanaya HenryCan you tell us a bit how you started modeling Ad’s on T-shirts.
A friend of mine from Minnesota had the idea [of modeling slogans] and reached out to me to be the face. Companies paid daily for me to wear a tee shirt with their logos on them every day of the month as advertising. I didn’t start out that way, but it was a fun project and got me a little recognition!

Can you talk about how you started becoming involved in modeling?
I started modeling in Minnesota when I was going to school and eventually moved to New York alone when I graduated. I signed with Wilhelmina on the commercial board and did a few campaigns, music videos, and commercials.

What’s the craziest or most interesting thing you’ve seen on set for a music video?
I haven’t really seen anything too crazy. One time, I remember getting a my first big order from Karmaloop for my earlaces and I literally made 60 of them on set in between takes. It was quite interesting. Another time I was a sea monster painted all black, crawling around in the water. I danced so hard that I almost passed out. That music video never came out, but they turned a clip of it into this commercial. It was amazing.

Would you say you’re more interested in the modeling aspect of your career or your jewelry line?
Expressing my creativity and making others feel good is the most important to me, so if I can incorporate the two I do, but there’s nothing like seeing something you’ve made with your hands on another human..

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