Vixen Chat: Tanaya Henry Opens Up About Lace by Tanaya, Clears Trey Songz Dating Rumors

Tanaya HenrySome of your friends (Karrueche, Christina Milian and Draya) have their own businesses. What are some words of wisdom you’ve shared with each other?

I think it’s a little different for me as I’ve been working on Lace by Tanaya for over four years. I built my own following and nothing has been handed to me. I think we’ve got different formulas for the way we’re doing things, but its important for all women to support each other.

There are rumors floating around that you and Trey Songz are dating. Would you like to address those rumors?
I’ve known Trey since I graduated high school. He’s one of my best friends and is someone I can act a fool with. He’s always been there for me, and supported my dreams which is hard to come by these days, but we’re not dating and I’m very single!

What are your plans for the future and what is your ultimate goal?
I’m going to elaborate on one of my best sellers again, the Lace Cuffs! I’m releasing a Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for both men and women during Fashion Week in August. Long-term I want to move into fine jewelry and complete custom collections with brands. Within the next two years I’m going to have my costume line of jewelry in 100 stores worldwide.

Any last comments?
People need to believe that they can do whatever they want, no matter what anyone says. Anything that will have longevity isn’t made over night. There is so much more to life than Instagram, wearing Louboutins, going to the club and sipping lean. Girls need to know you don’t need to be with a celebrity to be relevant and you don’t need to act ratchet on a reality show to get attention. We’re not all cut out for stardom but we can all do something positive.

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