VVQOTD Answered: Should You Still Be Friends with Your Ex’s Friends?

I may be a lot to handle, but I’ve still managed to remain cordial with all of my exes. The reason for each relationship ending varies. Some were amicable. Some were one-sided. Some took months to get over. Ending a relationship is never easy because of the many things that end with it. Besides having to put a halt to couples only activities, it also means you can no longer run in the same circles….or does it?

I met all of my former boyfriends through my friends. Besides my current boo, most of my exes know the same people and/or have met each other. None of them are besties, but if I were to mention one to the other, the name would be vaguely familiar. Sounds pretty bad, right? However, if you take in the fact that most of these short-lived relationships were during my teenage years and small in supply, it’s hardly alarming.

Most of our mutual friends were there before we decided to be together. They knew Nikki a part from her relationships and that I would remain the same person no matter the outcome.  Maintaining those friendships post break up aren’t difficult if they were strong to begin with. Sure, it can be hard to be around each other, but eventually things go back to “normal.”

It’s okay to remain friends with your ex’s friends if they’re mutual. Otherwise, I think it’s best that they end with the relationship. When they don’t, it can prevent the healing that is supposed to come with new beginnings.