Walk In Her Shoes: Erica Dickerson Talks Fuse TV’s ‘The Hustle’

Erica Dickerson Talks 'The Hustle' and Fuse TV With VIBE Vixen

For Fuse’s newest (and first) scripted series The Hustle, the network sought out a crop of fresh faces to bring the struggle to stardom to life.

YaYa, the no-nonsense manager of rap duo Brooklyn’s Finest, is determined to get them signed no matter what it takes. In real life, Erica Dickerson–the full haired bombshell behind YaYa–is no stranger to the hustle. She has an entertainment agenda of her own to fulfill, and this show is just the first step.

Vixen followed the starlet from her pre-glam hotel prep to the show’s premiere at Williamsburg’s Converse Rubber Tracks Studio. The Hustle premieres tonight (June 19) and every Wednesday thereafter at 11pm EST on Fuse. Make sure you’re tuning in! –Stacy-Ann Ellis