Watch: Controversial Music Writer Bob Lefsetz Talk EDM With Pete Tong In Ibiza

When you’ve been in the music biz for as long as Bob Lefsetz has, chances are you have a few things to say about its current runnings. The industry blogger has climbed the ranks of notoriety mostly thanks to the controversial posts on his web column ‘The Lefsetz Letter’, which has experienced not-so-postive feedback and response from the likes of Kid Rock, Gene Simmons and Taylor Swift.

Though his speciality is mostly found in the rock genre, Bob has lately been led to comment on the ever-growing EDM industry with recent column remarks that have focused on Daft Punk’s new single and the electronic festival experience. Such observations were so insightful and on-point that he recently received an invitation to Ibiza’s International Music Summit where he sat with EDM’s radio authority Pete Tong to discuss the genre’s steady infiltration into the mainstream and its direct correlation with social media.

“In a business full of bullshit, I’m trying to tell the truth that I see,” Bob states in the interview. Watch the brutally honest discussion in its entirety below, and read through some of its best quotes given by VIBE’s designated (and favorite) ‘grumpy grandpa’.

“If you’re not getting hate mail, you’re a nobody.”

“Show me a man who can live without bread, and I’ll show you a liar who’s in debt.”

“Artists always ask should I charge or make it for free? Who gives a fuck, just make it available!”

“There will always be one music service, and that’s because all your friends are there.”