Watch: J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ Series (Episode 5 – Miguel)

J. Cole shines the spotlight on “Power Trip” collaborator Miguel in the latest installment of his Born Sinner series. The Grammy singer suits up while expressing his thoughts on art, humanity and idol worship.

“If your music is successful, then fame kind of comes along with it and the attention is not necessarily pure,” he explains. “Sometimes it is that people need some kind of idol and do I believe that it’s right that we idolize some human beings? No, I don’t. But is it a part that comes with [fame] that I can’t control? Yes it is.”

The outspoken crooner also admits to loving the attention from women and realizing that it’s our own decisions that navigate our path. “I think we’re all born pure, but not born perfect…”

Watch episode five above.