Watch: Robin Thicke Talks Justin Timberlake and ‘Blurred Lines’

Robin Thicke sat down with Hot 97’s morning show to discuss the success of his single “Blurred Lines” with Pharrell and T.I. Amongst banter about the song’s x-rated video and reactions from his wife Paula Patton, his infamous comparison to Justin Timberlake reared its heads in the interview. Thick discussed the timing of JT’s 20/20 Experience comeback and how it affected his upcoming release.

“He actually helped me a lot because his sound went more R&B and more soulful, and that’s what I’ve been doing my whole career. It really opened up the door,” Thick said.

Though hosts Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg attempted to stir up some playful “white-on-white crime,” Thick remained composed and respectful of his contemporary.

“The thing is him and I grew up with the same influences: Michael Jackson/Prince era, a lot of Marvin Gaye,” he said. “And we’re just both white kids who grew up in a hip-hop generation. So I think it’s natural that going to have some similarities.”

Thicke also talked about the new, lighter sound he offers on his upcoming album, also entitled Blurred Lines. Keeping with the single’s sound, the singer shares that the album is his most lighthearted yet.

“This is the least personal album I’ve made by far,” he told Hot 97. “I’ve really always really tried to be a serious, brooding artist and dig deep, and talk about my pain and insecurities and stuff. This time I didn’t want there to be any of that negativity. There’s still some depth on it, but its much more fun.”

Stirring up the anticipation, Thicke gave the morning show an exciting tidbit about his follow-up single: it was co-written with, produced by Dr. Luke and will feature Kendrick Lamar. He also said that he just completed a record with Timbaland, Timberlake’s notable collaborator. He made a slight joke with the hosts about coming for Justin’s “number one spot.”

“Leave a little room for me at the top, Justin.”

Blurred Lines is scheduled for a July 30 release. Check out the Hot 97 interview here.