Wendy William Opens Up About Weight Struggles and Praises Oprah


The controversial talk show host is known for exposing other’s business but now she’s exposing her own. Wendy Williams sat down with The Grio to discuss some issues in her new book Ask Wendy, titled after her talk show’s popular advice segment.

“My parents have done a number on me and that number will forever have me pinching an inch, checking in the mirror and obsessing over calories for the rest of my life,” the TV personality revealed. “I’ve been on a diet every single day of my life.”

If you have been following her journey into stardom, Wendy has grown a lot from her early beginnings in entertainment. She may not be the next Oprah but she acknowledges the OWN founder’s business savvy techniques inspires her. “She was the first one to grab the brass ring and not just take ownership of her show, but turn everything she is into what culminates into a billion dollar business.”

The self-proclaimed Queen of Daytime Talk knows she’s no Oprah but wants to chance to prove herself. “I just want my fair slice of the pie here on daytime.”

Ask Wendy is available for purchase nationwide.