White Men Explain Attraction to Black Women in ‘Dark Girls’ Preview [Video]


Believe it or not, the idea of an interracial couple still causes controversy in America- just ask Cheerios. Tomorrow night, that is just one of the subjects that will be addressed in Dark Girls, a documentary about the skin color stigma in the African American female community. Set to make its television premiere on the OWN Network, the special will also discuss the attraction white men have to black women.

In another released video preview, a Caucasian man recalls being attracted to women of color from an early age.

“I remember distinctly a conversation I had with my father when I was in elementary school. I did realize that I was attracted to — in more than a social way — women of all ethnicities. I remember distinctly going to my father and saying, ‘Dad, would you mind if I did marry a black woman one day? His response to me was, ‘As long as she looks good, I don’t care what color she is.’”

Another says that although his wife is dark skinned, that didn’t factor into his decision to date and eventually marry her.

“It wasn’t an effort to go find the deepest, darkest, chocolate sister out there and get the full-on real deal, straight from the motherland. […] I didn’t think that [a darker skin tone] that defined ‘blackness’ to me. You’re not more ethnic if you’re darker. That just happened to be who [my wife] was. When you look at her, there was nothing about that color of her skin that defined her.”

Watch the preview below.