Will Smith Surprises Jaden With A Kiss On The Lips (Video)

Still promoting their latest feature film After Earth, Will and Jaden Smith sat down with Thailand’s The Woody Show for a candid interview, complete with jokes and PDA. The two discussed father-son advice as well as Jaden being single.

“One of the best things that my dad has ever told me is don’t have a girlfriend and to just be 14, go skate and watch movies and make movies, listen to music and make music,” Jaden told Woody.

Will chimed in with agreeance, stating that Jaden still had a lot to learn about women.

“There’s foundational ideas about interacting with women that he just needs some time to not have to deal with,” he said.

The older Smith also talked about his concept for After Earth, sharing that it was primarily a means to work with Jaden again onscreen, following their last film together, The Pursuit of Happyness.

“It was an idea I had a few years ago. I really wanted to work with him again. Its been 7 years since Pursuit of Happyness,” Will said. “I grew up working in the family business; my father had a family business. So to me that’s what family is: you work together. So it’s just that entertainment and filmmaking is our family business.”

Things got a bit awkward during the interview when Woody asked if the two had a distant relationship, to which Will replied with a matter-of-fact gesture by kissing Jaden on the lips.

Check out the full interview here.