Wiz Khalifa Has Adjusted His Smoking Habits For Daddy Duties


Celebrating his first father’s day this year, Wiz Khalifa has rearranged his “smoke breaks” around the needs of his son.

“I find myself just changing my patterns,” Wiz said in an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos on CNN. “As far as waking up and the first thing that I do is smoking and drinking, that changes when you have a baby because your baby needs you and you can’t put those two up against each other – its baby first.”

The herbal connoisseur explained that his wake and bakes have turned to later afternoon sessions when he’s around his son, Sebastian.

Khalifa also reflected on his meeting with Snoop Dogg to be a dream come true, “I had to keep my cool and not blow it.”

The Taylor Gang artist also made sure to pull out a “special batch” for Snoop, making sure it was of a high enough caliber.

“I knew he was smoking like Snoop stuff but I knew I had came up and I had some confidence in what I’ve known and I’ve learned. I had some real good friends who have shown me some things so I just wanted to show him,” he said.

Check out the interview above and find out Wiz’s views on the current legalization trend.