Would You Wear Nail Polish That Changes With Your Body Temperature?

They say it’s summertime but with all the rain and slight chill in the air, we beg to differ. These days we’re hot one minute and then the next we’re reaching for our jackets. Who can deal? Well now there’s a nail polish that fluctuates with our changing body temperatures. Introducing Shade Shifter from Orly, a color-changing gel topcoat that switches pigments depending on your body temperature.

Unlike mood changing polishes, Shade Shifter actually changes based on your body chemistry—not if you’ve had a huge fight with your boyfriend. If you’re warm, the Shade Shifter becomes clear, revealing the Gel FX color underneath. If you’re cool, the Shade Shifter formulas works exclusively with the ORLY Gel FX formula to transform the manicure to a darker hue.

Ready to give it a try? Head to your nearest salon—Shade Shifter can only be applied by the pros. Check out the tutorial after the jump for more info.

Tags: Nails