The 10 Dumbest Lawsuits Filed Against Rappers

News and Pharrell are using the legal system for a really silly reason right now. Last week, reportedly filed a lawsuit against Pharrell for calling his new company, “I Am Other,” which will reportedly argued is “likely to dilute the… mark.”’s lawyer came out later and denied that his client had filed a suit against Pharrell. But Pharrell responded to the news about the lawsuit today by filing a suit of his own against will—and used quotes from the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, in the lawsuit. “The ‘I Am Other’ mark means ‘I am something else,’ leaving what that ‘else’ is to the imagination of the consumer,” Pharrell said in the suit. “It certainly does not mean, ‘I am will.'”

Um, okay? It seems like a pretty strange reason to file a lawsuit. But apparently, these two will have their day in court to sort things out. Until then, we take a look back at other silly lawsuits that have been filed against rappers. These are 10 of the dumbest lawsuits we’ve ever come across.

Photo Credit: Spin