10 Items for a ‘Scandal’ Inspired Fashion Line

The only thing more regal than Kerry Washington herself is the incredible wardrobe of her fictional couterpart Olivia Pope. Structured blazers, flowing fabrics and understated jewelry are just a few of the items that describe the political advisor’s envy worthy duds. In a recent interview with Fashionista.com, Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo revealed that a fashion line inspired by the show could happen.

“We’ve been talking about how we could create something aspirational for the audience–like, something that Olivia Pope might wear–but not so aspirational that it was out of reach for most of our gladiators. We’re just throwing around ideas with several different people, and getting a sense if we can do it and learning about the parameters,” she said. “We’re trying to figure out how to do it so that it’s not too out of the price range that most people can afford, and yet somehow create something for people to have a piece of the Olivia Pope look.”

The wheels are already turning on what could be fashion’s next big success. Click through to see what items we would include in our “scandalous” collection.

Writer’s Note: Some of these items aren’t budget friendly, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Photo Credit: ABC