10 More Songs Rappers Should Apologize For

In the wake of controversy, J. Cole recently apologized for a lyric about autism in Drake’s “Jodeci Freestyle.” Autism, of course, is no laughing matter and extending an apology is a noble act. However, other apologies from rappers have come across either half-assed (*cough* Rick Ross) or completely unnecessary. Artists used to be able to stick by their offensive remarks. But since everyone’s getting apologetic, VIBE came up with 10 more new and old songs for which rappers should apologize. Frankly, they ought to be ashamed.

1. N.W.A for “Fuck The Police”
Are you kidding? It doesn’t get more irresponsible than this. Disgraceful, insensitive and downright childish. When has a police officer ever done wrong? Where is the maturity?

2. Kanye West for “I Am A God,” Feat. God
Um, featuring whom? Did he hop straight from the throne to the studio?? Wonder how much that feature cost… Seriously, dude, repent for your sins. Apologize to God right now.

3. Akinyele for “Put It In Your Mouth”
Put what… WHERE?! Oh HELL no. Mr. Akinyele should provide a public apology for this disgusting display of chauvinism. Who cares how catchy it sounds.

4. Eminem for “Kim”
We as a society cannot stand for an artist depicting the murder of his wife. It’s a horribly cruel and twisted depiction of mania that should’ve never been released, no matter how fascinating or well-executed.

5. A$AP Rocky for “Fuckin’ Problems,” Feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar
There’s nothing wrong with appreciating beauty, but calling them “bad” “bitches” and referring to it as some sort of disease is deplorable. Be sorry.

6. 2 Live Crew for “We Want Some Pussy”
This is no way to talk to women. You’re talking about running trains on women.

7. Three 6 Mafia for “Beat These Hoes Down”
No no NO. Every member of Three 6 Mafia should pay penance for offending women and condoning domestic violence. Lo-fi? More like low class.

8. Paris for “Bush Killa”
We can’t have rappers acting out the assassination of a president. Forget artistic license. Paris should report to George Bush Senior’s retirement home immediately to say “my bad.”

9. UGK for “Pregnant Pussy”
Bun B and Pimp C are talking about having sexual relations with pregnant women. Yeezus. “Your baby’s sneezing out nuts because I bust one in his nose”? Utterly vile.

10. Kool G Rap for “Train Robbery”
How on Earth can we allow gangster rappers to talk about robbing trains, killing cops and getting away with it? This is not the Wild Wild West.