112’s Michael Keith Explains “What He Really Means…”

In Michael Keith’s new edition of I’m Just Sayin’, the 112 crooner breaks down what a man REALLY means…… 

Instead of the regular mundane monologue I usually offer up for your consideration, I decided that it was time for me to bring some clairvoyance to a particular subject. I call this subject…”What he really means…”

Below are 3 examples of phrases we’ve all used before and I’m sure what you got out of it is the exact opposite of what we truly meant! I’m sure this will make for some awesome round table discussion somewhere so let’s dive on in!

First off is a phrase we use to reassure our significant other when she inquires about the status of the relationship! And that phrase is…”OF COURSE WE’RE GOOD, YOU KNOW YOU’RE  MY GIRL.”

Now what a man believes he conveyed to you was “I pray that what I just said to you will be sufficient enough until the next time she brings this up”.

But what he really means is….”Stop asking if you’re my woman. Of course you’re not… You’re really just a side chick. Why can’t you see that when its obvious to everyone else on planet freaking earth”.

Ladies we must remember the old saying “if you have any doubt, then there is no doubt” meaning if you have any reservation regarding whether or not a man considers you his one and only then chances are you’re not! Time to move on.

Here’s another one that should peel your crayon “I DON’T  DESERVE YOU”.

Here’s what he thought he said “I don’t have the balls to tell you that I don’t want to be exclusive to you anymore. And although I still want to have sex with you, I understand that  it probably won’t happen now and you’ll want to move on. But since I’m saying I don’t deserve you, hopefully we’ll end on good terms so there’s a slim chance I can still hit that sometimes.” What he really means is… You know what….nevermind, that one is kinda self explanatory!

The message here however isn’t as obvious as one would like to believe, so I will break it down once more for you. Ladies he’s telling you he doesn’t want to be with you, take the hint and go st. Elsewhere.

And lastly one of my favorites “YOU TRIPPIN!”

“You Trippin” is our favorite goto move to end conversations that we have no chance whatsoever of winning. When a man employs this tactic he’s basically saying…”Oh snap, I’ve been caught hook, line, and sinker. But I can never…ever..ever admit that to you or else I’ll never win another argument again and I’ll never hear the end of it. PLUS, I still don’t know how much info you have about what happened, so instead of digging a deeper hole for myself, I’m gonna try to turn this around on you….wish me luck!” So Sad right?

Understand this my friends, when a man uses this gambit, trust me it was his last resort. He probably thinks he’s gotten away with murder by diverting attention away from the fact that he was about get his butt handed to him on a silver platter so he’s attempting to direct it right back at you….a cowardly move, yes…but very effective.

Many of my male counterparts will deem me as a Benedict Arnold for divulging this type info  But I couldn’t care less. These methods are played out and isn’t fooling anyone anymore if ever. So rather than taking the time out to discover a better way to be dishonest, Be a man and tell her truthfully what’s going on. Be it good or bad at least she’ll respect you for it…… I’m just saying…