Preview: 5 Films Premiering At The 2013 Toronto International Film Festival


With the summer blockbusters coming to an end shortly, cinephiles are anxiously awaiting their next big movie fix. This year’s Toronto International Film Festival aims to capture the imaginations of filmmakers and goers alike with some big announcements pegged to their upcoming event in September.

Whether you’re looking out for the 25th celebration of the internationally known “Midnight Madness” track, or you’re looking forward to a specific filmmakers’ work — the Toronto International Film Festival will be the only thing that matters this fall. Names like Eli Roth, Hitoshi Matsumoto and Juno Mak are fan favorites at the event, while others like Lucky McKee and Jigoku de Naze Warui look to cause controversy of their own.

There are some other big movies that look to premiere at this year’s film festival, and we’re pleased to hip you to some of these flicks. Click through to find out more on these projects that will make their debuts at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.