3 Dead After Church Bus Rolls Over A Mile From Destination

Three people are dead and some 26 people injured after a church bus flipped over in Indianapolis.

38 people were aboard the bus, mostly teens, when the bus’ brakes failed causing it to crash into a retention wall and roll over. The bus was only a mile from its destination — a Baptist church in the Indiana state capital — after departing from northern Michigan earlier in the day. The bus was carrying the teens back from a church camp retreat at Camp CoBeAc about six hours away.

After several passersby stopped to help, 12 ambulances and four helicopters eventually responded, according to CNN. “There was a lot of blood. There was an awful lot of blood,” one witness said of the accident. Luggage and pillows were strewn across the Interstate where the bus had overturned.

Two victims were eventually helicoptered out, eight were taken to hospitals and nine were treated and released. Family had gathered at the Colonial Hills Baptist church afterwards, where the church was headed. A man and his wife are among the victims, but no information has been released about the third victim, likely a minor.