6 Artists Exploring Auteur Rap Dance Music

Something doesn’t have to go away in order for it to come back. Take the idea of rapper-as-auteur…an artist who gets so personal, you might as well be looking at his fingerprints, as listening to his beats. These MCs and producers tend to rope in, seemingly, everything they’ve ever heard, read or watched. The Streets is one of these people. So is Missy and Q Tip. Now you can add a new name to this group of MCs who are as Bohemian as they are Street: Ghostpoet is that name, eclecticism is his game.

This bespectacled Boho releases his new CD, Some Say I So Say Light, on September 24th and the time seems right, the scene seems ready, for an artist who is so open to different influences, he seems like the hip-hop version of Quentin Tarantino. He praises everything from psych-rock band, Gentle Giant to Beth Gibbons, jazzer John Coltrane to Serge Gainsbourg. He writes about everything from unopened mail to takeaway meals. He opens his mouth and either intones his words in a laconic fashion or croaks out melody in oddly compelling fashion.

Ghostpoet is not the only only auteur in hip-hop-dance clothes? Here are five of his
brethren. –>