Vixen Chat: Naya Rivera On Playing a Lesbian and Real-life Relationship With Big Sean

On screen she’s vicious. Cold hearted. The polar opposite of Naya Rivera. But when the tiny triple threat steps on set, she’s Santana Lopez of Fox’s musical-dramedy phenom, “Glee.” Not only does Rivera have Hollywood buzzing about her portrayal of the mean-girl cheerleader, the hip-hop world is clamoring to know more about the lovely lady on Big Sean’s arm.

VIBE Vixen caught up with the newly signed Columbia artist and she dishes on everything from playing a lesbian on TV to her real-life relationship with the handsome hip hopper.

-Kandice L. Lawson

On “Glee” you play a pretty convincing mean girl. What are some things you do to get into character?
It just depends on what the scene is and what I’m supposed to be bringing to the table that day, so it actually varies.

What is it like working with NeNe Leakes on set? 
I am such a NeNe fan, such a Housewives show fan—I love every single one of them—so when she came on the show I had a blast. I probed her for some Housewives secrets. She’s great, so professional and talented, and we actually became very cool. She was funny and sweet and everything you would expect her to be—just the life of the party.