Vixen Chat: Naya Rivera On Playing a Lesbian and Real-life Relationship With Big Sean

Naya Rivera and Big Sean

So after exchanging lines on Twitter, when did you and boyfriend Big Sean finally meet, and what was your first date like?

We met a while ago and we went to this little Italian restaurant for our first date.

How long have you guys been official?
I don’t know, you should ask him. [laughs]

How do you feel about some of the songs he’s coming out with that reference his ex-girlfriend, Ashley?
That is one of my favorite songs on his new album. I love all of his songs, he’s incredibly talented, and really, really great and such a good songwriter, so I’m totally supportive of all his music. I’m a fan.

What is your favorite Big Sean song?
I’m a really big fan of “Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay.” I don’t know why I love that song so much. That mixtape was so good. I’m obsessed with “Detroit.” He’s got a lot of hits.