Vixen Chat: Naya Rivera On Playing a Lesbian and Real-life Relationship With Big Sean

Glee's Naya Rivera On “Glee,” your character’s love interest turns out to be her best friend Brittany. How does Big Sean feel about your girl-on-girl action onscreen?
He’s really supportive of the character that I play. Everyday when we go out, he sees fans come up [to me] and I tell him stories about people thanking me for playing this character; this helps them come out to their friends and family. He thinks it’s so cool.

Who is someone you’ve always dreamed of collaborating with musically?
So many people, but I’m a really big Robin Thicke fan—I was really obsessed with his first album. I’m so in love with his voice, so I’d love to work with him someday.  He might be my number one right now.

You’re currently working on your debut album. What can we expect from that?
We are getting some really great features, so that’s exciting. Most of the music is really fun. It’s kind of a throwback to the 90’s. It’s fun to sing along to. I hope everyone likes it. I’m proud of what I’ve been working on.

Do you and Big Sean plan on working together musically?
Possibly. I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Tell us about some of your other upcoming projects.
I’m actually hosting Bud Light’s Music First 50/50/1 concert series event on August 1. I just shot a commercial for them and had a blast.