7 Fashion Looks Rappers Need To Move On From

When it comes to the art of dressing well, a select few rappers (and crooners alike) have it down. A-listers like Pharrell, Kid Cudi and Yasiin Bey exceed in the style department almost every time. But trust, there’s an overzealous bunch claiming to lead the fashion pack.

Someone, or something, needs to be given the pink slip. While we can’t completely empathize, we can appreciate that these misguided sartorial choices are hard to set free. Here, before your eyes, are 7 glaring mistakes artists need to tear out—and throw away—from their lookbooks.

1. Red Leather Pants

Believe it or not, Drizzy actually looks alright sporting red leather jogging pants, but considering that he’s an adapter of trends, this doesn’t particularly mean that all rappers need to get on the bandwagon. This stems back to less is more: if you’re gearing more towards a 2 Chainz type of excess, this look will not work.

Photo Credit: Getty Images