Today In SMH News: Amanda Bynes Reportedly Gives Dog A Gasoline Shower, Carlos Danger Revealed And More

Amanda Bynes’ fiery antics may have placed her under psychiatric hold but in the heat of the moment, she reportedly doused her Pomeranian with gasoline by accident. Luckily, she found a sink in a local liquor store to clean up the mess. [TMZ]

Anthony Weiner and his weiner got caught in yet another sext-capade. In a failed attempt to cover-up his junk, the mayoral city candidate allegedly used the alias “Carlos Danger.” Someone get Olivia Pope on the line. [HuffPo]

Speaking of nudes, 729 naked folks plunged into the Mediterranean Sea and set a world record. [The Sun]

A grumpy cat (known as Grumpy Cat) is releasing a book. What are you doing with your life? [Daily Mail]

Kids with rubber babies ran amuck at a state fair. [Jezebel]