Amanda Bynes Wants Miley Cyrus’ Grill

Amanda Bynes is cementing her claim to fame with her very own set of grills. But not just any old golden mouthpiece. The 27-year-old actress, who’s been making her headline rounds with outlandish behavior and unfiltered tweets, apparently wants them made in the likeness of Miley Cyrus’.

“Her specifics were she wanted a grill like Miley Cyrus so I’m making her rose gold and pink diamonds. It’s gonna be dope,” famed jeweler Ben Baller told TMZ.

Dig a little deeper into Bynes’ timeline and you may find that she called the “We Can’t Stop” singer “ugly” only to change her tune once Cyrus addressed the e-bashing on a radio show.

Cyrus called the situation “sad” and said she was rooting for the former Nickelodeon starlet up until the Twitter tirade and digital advances toward her fiancee, Liam Hemsworth.

Bynes quickly spun her feelings around for the twerk star, tweeting, “Miley Cyrus, thank you for rooting me, doll, I want my nose to look like yours after surgeries.”

Baller did recall that Bynes was a little jittery and had black eyes from surgery while he was trying to mold her grill. Maybe, becoming Miley Cyrus 2.0 is underway.

Here the flossy details of Bynes’ grill from Baller below.

Photo Credit: Getty