Andrea Kelly Compares Hollywood Exes to Basketball Wives: ‘We’re Coming from a Level of Royalty’

Ex-wife of R. Kelly and Hollywood Exes cast mate Andrea Kelly may have just opened a can of worms with her latest remarks. During a recent interview with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite and Fusion Magazine, the mother of three dished on what she thinks separates her reality series from others on VH1.

Using Basketball Wives as a specific example, the author claims those women were married (or dated) men that “nobody knew,” and didn’t live their lives accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Contrary to the women of BBW, Kelly says she and her cast mates are comparable to royalty not only because of the caliber of their ex-husbands, but the qualities they themselves carry.

“We are representing a legacy. We’re not talking about women who were married to men that nobody knew. We’re talking about the king of R&B, we’re talking about Prince, we’re talking about the king of comedy, we’re talking about Eddie Murphy here. So you really can’t even compare the two,” she says.
“So to say we would act a certain way because our counterparts do, you would have to step back from that and go but you know what? Just like music has different genres, VH1 and these reality series have a different genre. I would like to say that we’re coming from a level of royalty because we have been with men that were such big icons. But again, our show is not about those men, what they did, and why they divorced us.  It’s about why they married us in the first place: because we are classy, because we are educated; so that’s what we show.”
Hollywood Exes has already been green lit for a second season with newest cast member Shamicka Lawrence, ex-wife of Martin Lawrence.
Photo Credit: VH1