Arsenio Hall Show To Debut This Fall

After being absent from the limelight for more than a decade, comedian Arsenio Hall will be gracing small screens once again with a new late-night show this fall.

The 57-year-old funny man will be coming off a 19-year hiatus, hoping to grab a mixed bag of audiences with his CBS-owned show The Arsenio Hall Show, reeling in his former viewers as well as the youth with his unique take on music and culture. He recently put his name out there with his 2012 win on Celebrity Apprentice.

“‘The Apprentice’ was a huge boost for me,” he told The Daily News. “I’ve spent the last 13 years making turkey bacon for my son for breakfast and raising him on my own. Let’s face it: I’d become Arsenio Who?”

Hall’s syndicated gab fest is set for a September 9 debut. “It’s kind of the same Arsenio you know — less hair, less shoulder pad,” he said during a press tour, according to TIME, “but inserting myself into this culture of music, comedy, pop and hop.”

Photo Credit: Getty