Azealia Banks And British Pop Singer Lily Allen Go At It on Twitter


No stranger to Twitter feuds, Azealia Banks has racked up a list of enemies on the social media site. Among them Rita Ora, whom Banks called “Rita Oral” in a tweet; Angel Haze, who then took the beef to her music, and now British singer Lily Allen. The feud started earlier in the week when Allen, also very vocal, called Banks a “one hit wonder.” In the same exchange Banks dubbed Allen a coke addict and called her kids “ugly.” Banks added: “One hit, but am certainly NOT a wonder. Just played for 70k at glasto, critics STILL eagerly anticipating my debut. Suck on that hoe!” Allen responded a couple days later with a picture of herself on the Glastonbury main stage in 2009 with the caption: “Last time i played glasto, hoe. ” Banks was quick to note that she didn’t mind the new publicity. “Lily Allen is promoting the fuck out of Azealia Banks right now,” she tweeted. Allen then put Banks’ long-delayed debut on blast.

Banks’ comeback went a little like this:

Banks ended things with an “Ugh, bitch bye” and posted an unflattering photo of Allen taken by paparazzi. Guess a collaboration is unlikely.