Barbie Gets Makeover That Resembles a Real 19-Year-Old [Photos]


With 36-18-33 measurements, legs for days and platinum blonde hair, Barbie has remained almost every little girl’s idol for decades. However, it’s her unrealistic measurements and cookie cutter image that have women’s groups complaining in recent years.

Nikolay Lamm is the latest to take on the challenge of recreating the American icon and the end result is one of the best yet. Using the measurements of an average 19-year old (32-31-33), Lamm created a 3-D model and photoshopped Barbie’s image for comparison. According to Daily Mail, this is the closest anyone has gotten to the measurements of a woman (assumed to be out of her teens) which averages 38-34-40.

With a fuller face, shorter stature and curvier assets, many agree that this is the best alternative to the image of Barbie we’ve become accustomed to. If she were to exist as a human in her current size, Barbie would weight around 110 pounds with a body mass index of 16%—all of which indicate eating disorders.

“My last Barbie project got a lot of criticism because Barbie is just a toy,” Lamm says of the controversy. “People argue that a toy can’t do any harm. However, if we criticize skinny models, we should at least be open to the possibility that Barbie may negatively influence young girls as well.”

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