Beyonce’s 10 Shadiest Moments

As the proud leader of the internet’s rowdiest fan army, it goes without saying that Beyoncé is adept at throwing shade. In fact, any diva worth her wig can cut a bitch with a simple glance. (Watch Mariah Carey on American Idol for a master class in the art). Bey has historically kept a lid on her shade-throwing ability to save the rest of the game from serious injury but the intense media scrutiny of recent years has unleashed the beast. And none of us were ready. Check out a few of King B’s 10 shadiest moments.

1. When Beyoncé crushed Keyshia Cole’s soul live on stage
R&B diva Keyshia Cole broke the cardinal rule of publicly dissing Beyonce and immediately invoked Bey’s career-ending curse as proven by the sales of Woman To Woman. But the worst was yet to come. Keyshia, obviously a glutton for punishment, apparently went to see The Mrs. Carter Show in New Orleans. Watch to see what happened when Bey spotted her in the front row.

2. When Beyoncé released “Bow Down”
“Bow Down” is the musical equivalent of one of Beyoncé’s famous hand-written notes addressed to every diva in the game, reminding them of their place beneath her on the pop ladder. “I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world,” she sings sweetly before being possessed by Third Ward Trill and exclaiming: “Don’t forget it, don’t forget it. Respect that, bow down bitches!”

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