‘Black People for Paula’ Rally to be Held in Times Square

Even Paula Deen’s use of the N-word won’t stop her gang of supporters. A group of Deen’s African-American fans will gather in Times Square next month to show their support to “this good woman” who they think deserves the forgiveness of the black community. In a detailed press release, the collective name checks political activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have supposedly turned the other cheek when it comes to Paula’s admittance of racial ignorance.

“The word Paula used was horrible. She has admitted that what she said was wrong and hurtful. She gave an extremely heartfelt apology and I forgive her, my family forgives her and the African American community forgives her. We have all made at least one mistake that we wish never happened. Paula Deen should not have to continue to suffer for one mistake…We want everyone to see that that Black people are for Paula and that we accept her apology. Black leaders such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have forgiven Paula. The Black community has forgiven Paula, it’s time for us all to open our hearts and give this good woman a second chance.”

The rally will take place Friday, August 16 during the 7am hour of Good Morning America. It was also recently announced that the celebrity chef has hired a new legal team to aid her during the racial lawsuit filed by former employee Lisa Jackson.

Photo Credit: AP


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