Boombox: Bridget Carrington “Mama’s Boy”

There’s the exit, boy.

Ladies, we’ve all sat around and swapped stories about that guy who just can’t seem to get it right. Erykah told him to call Tyrone, Beyonce told him to move to the left, and now Bridget Carrington is sending him back to his mama.

Carrington’s foundation is gospel music, and she’s been performing since she was a toddler. After being hand selected by John Legend and taking home fourth place on ABC’s talent competition Duets, Carrington is ready to step in to the spotlight and take her music to another place.

On “Mama’s Boy” Carrington is fed up with her loser lover, and sends him back to his parents’ crib. Listen and sing along, or pass it on to a needy friend.



-Kandice Lawson