Boston Celtics Hire New Coach

In a very unexpected move, the Boston Celtics have picked coach Brad Stevens from the Butler Bulldogs to head up Boston next season. The move is a total surprise, and one that the Celtics have managed to keep under wraps. According to Sports Illustrated, the 37-year-old Stevens immediately becomes the youngest current head coach in the NBA. In fact, he’s not much older than some notable former Celtics.

Stevens will not get the pleasure of coaching Garnett or Paul Pierce, who were traded to the Brooklyn Nets on Draft Night. Instead, he’ll have to deal with a rehabbing Rajon Rondo and a roster of mostly role players and young guys. Of course, the cupboard could be stocked very soon, as the Celtics have multiple first-round draft picks for the next several seasons, and could be in position for a high lottery pick next June. That would mean a fairly painful first year for Stevens, who has guided the Butler Bulldogs to two NCAA Title Game appearances and was a young superstar coach in the college ranks. Image via Getty