Caspa, Kill Paris, Mayhem And Antiserum Make ‘Girls And Boys’ Sweat At Webster Hall

New York City’s Webster Hall threw down an alpha rave last Friday, as the party-starters over at Girls & Boys brought UK dubstep legend Caspa to the Big Apple for a pit stop on his Alpha Omega tour. Also on the decks was OWSLA’s master arranger, Kill Paris, as well as trapaholics Mayhem and Antiserum, making the night one to remember. Not that most who attended can remember it.

Here’s your sober reminder. Mayhem and Antiserum started the party around midnight as the floor started to fill. With bass-filled jams one after another, the duo dropped what seemed to be every hot summer trap track you’ve heard zipping through the web waves lately, including a VIP of their well-known ‘Brick Squad Anthem.’ Next, Kill Paris took to the stage, balancing all of the 808’s with his own signature ‘future funk’ sound. Cranking the decibels with the strobe lights turnt up, Corey Baker provided a smooth transition to Caspa’s set with grooving remixes we’ve come to expect from him.

Those who only know Caspa as an early dubstep pioneer would be pleasantly surprised if they were on Webster’s Grand Ballroom dance floor that late evening. The headliner played dubstep, trap, dancehall, hip-hop, drum & bass and beyond. The wide breadth of styles mixed to sonic bliss were accompanied by hair-raising drops. When Caspa’s set finally came to end near 4:00 a.m. the sweaty crowd was breathless, but would’ve stayed for more in a beat-per-minute.