Celeb Gifts: Vixen’s Who Bought Their Boyfriends One-of-a-Kind Rides

Adrienne Bailon

Apparently buying your man a pair of Nike’s or taking him on a vacation doesn’t cut it anymore; Vixen’s are  dropping stacks and getting their boos new whips.

Last week on The Real, Adrienne Bailon revealed she bought her ex a car—a full blown, 4-wheeled luxury mobile. The singer seems to do a lot of crazy things for cupid (can we say tattooing an ex’s name on your butt?) but when it comes to a clean ride, she’s not alone. Many of our favorite stars have swiped their black cards proving that money isn’t an object for their affection. We probably won’t be buying any whips soon, but in the meantime we’ll oodle over the crazy expenses our (imaginary) home girls dished out. Take a look.

Adrienne Bailon bought her ex a car

Photo Credit: Zimbio