Chef Roblé Dishes On Culinary Beginnings, Throwing Down Bars In The Kitchen On The Breakfast Club

Chef Roblé left the pots and pans at home this morning on The Breakfast Club but dished on how he got into cooking. “My grandfather was a chef, so I used to watch him when I was a kid,” the culinary master recalled. “I always looked up to him and I thought ‘Okay it’s cool to be a man in the kitchen.’” While whipping up savory meals may be his first passion, Roblé and his friends spend time in the kitchen, crafting rhymes about the food they create in a spontaneous group they put together called The Food Tang Clan. The swaggy chef also talks about his popular day parties, working with family and some of his favorite spots to eat in the full interview above. You can catch more of Ro on the season finale of his Bravo TV show Chef Roblé and Co tonight at 8pm.