Chief Keef’s Prison Time Didn’t Influence ‘Go to Jail’

With last year’s Finally Rich and his scattered output in 2013 — including tracks like “Macaroni Time” and “Round Da Rosey” — Chicago rapper Chief Keef has, with varying levels of success, nudged outwards the borders of what can logically be called “rap music.” He continues discovering new ways to not really rap on two new tracks, “Go to Jail” and “I Ain’t Done Turnin’ Up.” The first — which you can stream above — isn’t exactly a self-aware lament about his ongoing legal issues (“Don’t touch my pistol / Cuz I don’t wanna have to blow / Cuz I don’t wanna have to go to jail”) as much as it’s a dabble in classic gangster fabulism: “The block hot / The cops hot / Finna go to New Orleans to the Mardi Gras.” Sonically, Keef elongates words to their absolute logical conclusion, turning melisma into Autotune gargles so lengthy that it’s amazing you never hear him gasp. “I Ain’t Done Turnin’ Up” is a bit more normalized in comparison, but is likewise a heavy-lidded mumble that swirls with paranoia and ego.

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