Could ‘The Batman’ Return To Theaters In 2015?!

The success of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has empowered fans to wonder aloud when a Justice League movie will hit… but could the Dark Knight return first?

Ain’t It Cool News’ Harry Knowles announced on his site that he was given a “corporate document” that details the titles collaborative corporate strategies being formed. According to him, this list not only details a Justice League movie, but, yes, Batman. This document was distributed earlier today within this company, Harry says “works very closely with studios on their releases,” and wonders aloud if Warner Bros. will announce the news this Saturday at the San Diego Comic Con.

With Marvel’s Antman on the books, supposedly, the film, which will be directed by Edgar Wright is being shot in Atlanta later this year.

While Batman isn’t a guaranteed green light, it is awfully curious as to how Warner Bros. is choosing to roll out projects after the success of Man of Steel. Let’s hope they are as good as developing their live-action films like they are their animated projects.

Props: AICN