Did You Forget? The Worst Reality Shows of All Time

Brothers to Brutha

Reality has taken over TV waves. Between the season finale of LHHNY and the season premiere of LHHATL, we never have to take a break from the fighting to reconciliation or on-screen cheating to baby drama. MTV’s Real World began the saga into following unknown people around to record their every moves over 20 years ago and it hasn’t stopped since.

Between all the strangers forced to live together, competition based, or family followed shows, there are few that have lasted many seasons like American Idol, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or The Bachelor. Take a look at the failed reality shows we either forgot they made or still wonder why they made them.

Brothers to Brutha

What’s worse a reality show about a group we know nothing about or a group trying to get their big break while the world doesn’t watches? Who cares? The show lasted as long about as their careers: one season.

Photo Credit: The Urban Music Scene