Director Of M.I.A. Documentary Reportedly Quits Project Over Conflict With Roc Nation

It’s not easy being M.I.A. Amidst family drama and several false starts on the release of her forthcoming effort, the director of the eccentric rapper/singer’s documentary has also chucked the deuces.

After leaking the trailer and e-mails between him and her label, Roc Nation, Steve Loveridge seemed to have quit the project after responding to an anonymous question posted on his personal site, asking if the doc was still on hold. “Yep,” he wrote. “I get an email every few weeks from Roc Nation or Interscope saying it’s all going to start up again, but then nothing.”

The conflict deepens when a screenshot of the exchange reportedly showed a label rep promising Loveridge that internal kinks were being worked out. “I know how frustrated you must be with the whole subject, but I promise we’ve been having ongoing conversations internally, trying to get legal stuff and funding resolved,” the message continued. “It is going to move forward and get your creative outline.”

Loveridge responded, “I really couldn’t give a flying f-ck. Count me out. Would rather die than work on this…”

The trailer—which featured Jimmy Iovine, Diplo and Kanye West—wraps M.I.A.’s life into a documentary Beyoncé-style minus the glitz and glam. The Sri Lankan bombshell eventually explodes into a mainstream phenomenon but still can’t seem to get the support she needs.

“I’m gonna need Kickstarter and my fans to help make this exsist [sic],” she pleaded her fans on Twitter. “I’ve been black listed through normal channels!”

“Thank you for UR support>,” she continued, “its a fight to get to me, but like wise its a fight for me to get to u. #matangi throw ur middle finger mudra up.”

Watch the trailer below.