DJ Lukey Of Stooki Sound Talks Dream Rap Collaborations, Craziest Show Moment And More


London-based DJ tandem Stooki Sound have been masters of the mix since blending their musical backgrounds together two years ago. Comprised of Lukey (photographed right above) and Jelacee, the up-and-coming beatsmiths hit all the right notes (as heard on their Soundcloud page) including Hip-Hop, trap and U.K. bass but still offering more edge than the dance music on rotation. “Stooki Sound is kind of grimier, a bit darker,” Lukey said while stopping by VIBE HQs. “I’ve got a background in Hip-Hop music and Jelacee had a background in house and dubstep so naturally we came together and saw trap was quite natural for us because the tempo and sounds are the same.”

In person, Lukey’s mellow demeanor is the complete opposite of his partner’s on-stage presence. While he reveals that their pre-show rituals don’t involve popping bottles, he recalled an incident at their recent Webster Hall show in New York where Jelacee was causing a commotion beyond the turntables. “At out Webstar Hall show, we were DJing and Jelacee actually went into the crowd and started his own mosh pit when we played our new song that people haven’t heard before and that was really sick,” he said.

While their turn-up tactics match the hype of a rap show, Lukey admits there are some Hip-Hop notables they would love to collaborate with, including the Trap Lord himself. “We definitely want to work with some U.S. rappers over here like A$AP Ferg and A$AP Monk for sure,” he said. “Really like their sound and then some of the classic hip-hop stars like Joey Bada$$ or Action Bronson as well.” Their TURNT UP! Vol. 2 mix already weaves in the sounds of Waka Flocka Flame, Chief Keef, Justin Timberlake and Danny Brown.

But diversifying their catalog isn’t the only goal. The two have also extended their talents to fashion and jewelry design, even teaming up with Adidas Originals for their “Unite All Originals” campaign. When it comes to Stooki Sound’s personal style, Lukey approaches it holistically with music. “We definitely always try to combine fashion with the music because Stooki is like a 360 lifestyle brand so they overlap a lot in what we do,” he says. “So when we’re thinking about the sound, we’re also thinking the visual and vice versa so that they do really link together.”—Alley Olivier

Stream an exclusive preview of Stooki Sound’s “Dracula” mix below and stay tuned for their Geddit! mix tape due this month here.