Download: Chinese Man Remix Packs Swift Beats From The East

East meets west in this tricked-out track by up-and-coming hip-hop elec-trio group, Chinese Man. Like swift beats ninjas, these three Frenchman (a.k.a. High Ku, Sly and Zé Mateo) come upon the U.S. in surprise attack style changing the music game with the dope LeYan & Tomapam remix of their breakout track “Get Up.” Featuring a random blend of traditional Asian flair with old school rhymes and flava, these guys bring new meaning to in’zen’ity with their diverse style and sounds. Listen and cop the remix for free with a VIBE giveaway below:

Already addicted? Get your CM fix with the official video of the original mix “Get Up” below, and get their album Racing With The Sun when it becomes available in the U.S. July 16 via Chinese Man Records. You can also catch them at Brooklyn’s Echo Chamber, tonight (July 12).