Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Homeless in Chicago?

Siovaughn Wade has seen better days.

While Dwayne Wade celebrates the fruits of his labor–a trip to China to celebrate his 10 year, $100 million dollar deal with Li-Ning and the ESPY awards–his ex-wife is in the states homeless. Pictures surfaced on Instagram yesterday (July 19) of the former basketball wife camped out in front of the Daley Center in downtown Chicago with a sign that read, “NBA Miami Heat star mother of his children on the streets”. She wasn’t alone nor asking for change as she sat somber in one picture and laid down in another, accompanied by another woman holding the sign, “what is the price for justice”?

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Wade battle, currently Dwayne has custody of their children. Siovaughn filed a lawsuit earlier this month that she later dropped claiming he wasn’t paying her owed endorsement money from his past deals.

It seems like this was more of a cry for help than an actual homeless ordeal, but we hope they work everything out.