Before EDM: 30 Dance Tracks From The ’90s That Changed The Game

We’re gonna give it to you straight, “Electronic Dance Music” or “EDM” is a glorified term for “rap-step” or “R&B-step” or “pop-step.” Turn up the BPMs on any kind of track and we have the club and festival “untz untz untz” stuff of magic, which today, America dubs “EDM.” This is not to say that the various sub-genres (drum and bass, trance, house music, etc.) that now fall underneath the blanket term are not technically driven. This is also not to dismiss EDM as a terrible mainstream money-fueled monster. In fact, so much great music has emerged since the term came into play, we felt a burning desire to hit the “rewind” button on dance music, and bring it back to the ‘90s, just when the house music era (especially in NYC) began to dwindle down… now that its bigger than anyone could have dreamed. From bedrooms, to cars and clubs, here are 30 tracks from the decade that made every ‘90s baby have a good time. →

Compiled By Sarah Polonsky & Jessica Wunsch