Evelyn Lozada Confronts Suzie Ketcham in ‘Basketball Wives’ Season Five Preview [Video]

Evelyn Lozada’s flair for the dramatic got so intense that Iyanla Vanzant tried to fix her life. The drama queen with a penchant for smackdowns and bellicose rants spent most of her time on Basketball Wives charging across tabletops and throwing bottles.

As of lately, it seems Evelyn was headed in a more positive direction and that viewers could expect less fighting from her.  However, it’s safe to assume that she might be tempted back into her old ways.

In the first video preview for season five, close friend Suzie Ketcham is caught laughing at a joke about Evelyn needing a helmet during a date since the domestic dispute with ex-husband Chad Ochocinco. Suzie tells Evelyn what happened, presumably to clear her name just in case anything popped off when rumors started to fly, and it looks like Evelyn’s new weapons of choice may be telepathic dagger eyes. The clip only last for 21 seconds but,  how much do you want to bet that Evelyn throws at least one punch this season?

Basketball Wives premieres on Monday, August 19 at 8/7c on Vh1.

-Starrene Rhett Rocque

Pop the hood to watch the preview.

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