Evelyn Lozada Covers ‘Latina Magazine’, Says She’s Not Always Proud of The Things She’s Said on TV

Evelyn Lozada is one feisty lady who isn’t afraid to speaks her mind and tells it like it is. The 37-year-old covers the August issue of Latina Magazine, and reveals a softer, family-oriented side. “I really don’t see myself [being in the public eye forever],” she tells the magazine. “I see myself working behind the scenes—whether it’s working on my books or doing stuff on TV shows. I really want to have a family.”  The Brooklyn native also reveals that she isn’t happy with some of the things she’s said on TV, and digs deep into her relationship with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Read exclusives below.

On being a reality TV star:
“When it first aired, I remember first thinking, ‘I hate my voice.’ I was like, ‘Do I really sound like that? I sound very New York!’ But I guess I am. If you give them footage to air, they’re going to use it. You always hear people saying, ‘Oh well, they edited it in a certain way.’ No. The things that I’ve said, I’ve said. The things that I’ve done, I’ve done. And I’m not always proud of it, but I did it.”

On raising her now 20-year-old daughter Shaniece:
“We’re like best friends but she knows when it comes to me being her mother that, you know, I’m going to be on you’re a** and I’m going to check you about anything that’s going on. And I think now and for the rest of her life, whether she gets married or not, she’s going to come and she’s going to be like, ‘Mom, this is how I feel’ because I’m really honest and straightforward. But she’s different from me in a lot of ways. She’s very, very quiet and very reserved.”