Exclusive: 2 Chainz Has A Fan Moment With Master P at 2013 BET Awards


The 2013 BET Awards was all about the love. Even on the red carpet, rappers were embracing each other and put the mean mugs to the side for a few hours. VIBE caught a candid moment between 2 Chainz and Master P after meeting for the first time.

“This is my first time meeting [him]. I just want to let him know how influenced the whole South in Hip-Hop,” 2 Chainz said while showing respect to Master P. “We used to argue people like ‘they ain’t understand why we appreciated Master P [and] his music. It was more than that. I felt like it was his grind, his hustle. He actually put music out like every week. I even heard stories about some of the songs never even being mixed before. It was just about giving the fans what they needed. And he the reason why a lot of us are here, including myself.”

The No Limit founder says he has mutual respect for 2 Chainz and his accomplishments.