Exclusive: Kat Dahlia Dishes on Music and Love in Vixen Photo Shoot

kat dahlia—Vixen Photo Shoot

What trends are you getting into this summer?
I’m from Miami, so for me, I’m just looking forward to getting into bathing suits and getting a tan. I love summer prints and floral prints. I also love wearing white and beach dresses; that’s all I used to wear when I lived in Miami. I used to get them from Walgreens or Forever 21 for like $8. It’s too hot to be really fashionable.

Where are you hanging out this Summer when you’re not too busy?
When I’m not busy I’ll be in Miami. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the New York mindset. New York City is a creative and active state of mind. So sometimes you have to get out of that environment. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, but when I take a step back and disappear I feel better. Usually it’s me going to the beach—I can reset my batteries and realize what’s important to me.

What beauty products are you carrying around this Summer?
Honestly, as long as I got my tan and I’m not looking too pale, I’m good. Right now I like Clinique mascara, but sometimes it clumps. I really love the Cover Girl volumizer mascara you can from Walgreens. It’s perfect and simple.

What are your favorite words to live by?
I tattooed on my body, “Be still. This too shall pass.” It reminds me that as long as I stay still and calm no matter what it is, it’ll pass. But at the same time, that goes both ways. If it’s something that’s really amazing, something that you really want to jump for joy about, that’s going to pass too. You just have to constantly be still and happy with everything that happens, because no matter what, it is what it is and it’s all for a purpose.

How’s it working with Creative Executive Sylvia Rhone who is also Chairman of Vested in Culture?
Sylvia is amazing. She really is pushing for me [to do well] and I’m just so grateful. For whatever reason, Sylvia came into my life and taught me that if there’s something that you believe in, don’t give a shit about what anybody says. You believe in it and you go for it. Stick to your guns. She’s a legend in the industry, and it’s great to have her around.