A 4-City Fourth of July Guide

Happy Fourth of July. Not only is it a day off from work (for most of us), it’s the country’s way of celebrating our independence. No matter where you live, today usually consists of barbeques with the families, day drinking and fireworks to conclude. We’re all for these normal Fourth of July activities, but it’s nice to try something new as well.

If you live in one of these major cities, be sure to step outside the box and try one of our recommended destinations.

New York

Somehow, people forget that Fourth of July is a historical holiday after the barbecues and fireworks. If you’re in the Big Apple, the New York Public Library is currently displaying the original copies of the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. The latter of the two includes Thomas Jefferson’s edits and portions left out of the one we read today. This is the first time both documents have been shown together for preservation purposes.

Photo Credit: Charles Eckert