‘Fruitvale Station’: Michael B. Jordan On the Many Layers of Oscar Grant

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Fruitvale Station, a 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, follows Oscar Grant on the last day of 2008, which was also ultimately the last day of his life. The 22-year-old was tragically shot by police at the BART Fruitvale Station stop in Oakland, Calif. The incident was caught on video and made headlines as it went viral showing a helpless Grant, cuffed and down on the ground before he was shot.

The cast of Fruitvale Station sits down with VIBE’s Milan Carter for a Movies With Milan segment to talk about the many layers of Oscar Grant. For his role as Grant, the film’s star Michael B. Jordan met with Grant’s family and friends. “What you quickly realize after talking to all these people is that you get different versions of Oscar with everybody… and they are all true,” says Jordan, who up until now was best known for his role as Vince Howard on Friday Night Lights. “Unfortunately, Oscar’s character was put on trial. Either he was this saint or this monster. He became every bad mistake that he ever made in his life.”

Fruitvale Station is currently in theaters.

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